POV Collection 2 2017 Ink on index cards

POV Collection 2 2017 Ink on index cards

Self Portrait 2018  Digital Painting

Self Portrait 2018

Digital Painting


I have always felt the need to draw…

One day when I was very young, I managed to smuggle a red crayon into the crib and started drawing all over the tiny bars keeping me in. My mom came in to find tiny graffiti all over the crib, and me very upset for some reason. Apparently I spoke my first curse word and told her that I dropped my crayon.  To this day I still get very cranky if something comes between me and art making.

Until recently I was a curator at a small natural history museum in Monterey, California. In that time I was fortunate enough to be able to see the excitement of exploration, the spark of curiosity, and the pride of understanding in our visitors every day.  I also had the privilege of being able to spend a lot of time working with some fascinating collections. 

My career and art seem to have become intertwined over the years.  Fascination with humankind, nature, the unusual, the absurd, collections, exhibitions, it all seems to have melded together. Sometimes it's a study, sometimes it's cathartic, sometimes it's just for fun.  I typically don’t use reference material, preferring to draw from the imagination.

I hope you enjoy looking at what I enjoy making. :)